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Solutions equipped for growing and struggling organizations alike. We help companies acquire and retain more customers.

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You want to grow, and we want you to grow. But how do we get there? It's all about analyzing your brand strategies, sales force, value propositions, and customer loyalty. From there, we get to work.

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Implementing proven sales solutions.

As sales consultants, we know the only way for a business to scale and have longevity is to have a consistent stream of new customers. No matter how talented your team is or how hands-on your management is, we are all fueled by the lifeline of new & returning customers.

Through partnering with Atlas Hartmann, we analyze, regardless of your company’s tenure or trajectory, how you advertise and sell to your target audience, taking the time to learn what’s worked successfully so far. We move quickly, with an outsider’s perspective, to tighten up systems and standards from the ground floor up.

Services we offer

Consumer Insights
The only way for a business to properly grow their sales channels is to understand the purchasing behavior of their target demographic. We help them identify and captilize on these buying decisions.
Sales Management
Consumers are the soil in which successful businesses grow and thrive. Our sales management initiatives help organizations scale their sales reach and the effectiveness behind each measure.
Customer Retention
The second piece of the puzzle regarding a businesses staying in business is their ability to retain and satisfy customers long-term. It's not enough to sign new customers; how do we keep them sticky?

The marketplace is evolving. Are you?

We align people & processes, tackling industry hurdles left and right. From navigating a pandemic to adapting to production or pipeline concerns, we work with your team to acquire or develop the tools/mindset needed to sustain a business over time.
We understand the relationship between you and your customers is key and work to maintain that.
Sales Training
Hand-in-hand with your workforce, we train your staff on new processes to create optimum performance.
Business Strategy
We're always forward thinking and focused on your future, beyond just the next customer or sale.

strong growth

Together, quarter after quarter, we'll track KPI's and examine everything from cost-per-lead to sales revenue.

strong growth

Together, we'll look at growth quarter after quarter, ensuring KPI's are showing forward movement. From cost per lead to sales revenue, we'll chart it all.

Choose the path to success.

Strengthen your sales results with trusted professionals who boast combined decades of experience with the sales field.

We are uniquely qualified, no matter your industry, to identify weaknesses and help to strengthen them. We bring deep experience, examining everything from talent acquisition to operations, and working in partnership to fine-tune said strategies. Our methodologies, no matter the challenge, deliver strong results. After all, it’s in our name.

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Whether your organization is taking off or needing redirection, our sales consultants are ready to get to work!