Only The Good Reviews

We're reviewing local businesses and sharing our experience at their establishments! Spoiler alert: we ONLY leave good reviews for a reason! #smallbusinessesunite

Many business owners and families have been adversely affected due to covid 19. Most people don't leave good reviews but are inclined to leave bad reviews. Rather than communicating with a manager or owner, that person will hide behind a bad review. Bad reviews can negatively impact a family-owned business and, more importantly, the people of this business. At Atlas Hartmann, we believe in supporting one another during these pressing times. Accordingly, our management team has decided to connect with small businesses in the Tampa area and only leave good reviews. With that said, if someone is not worthy of a good review, we won't leave them a review at all but instead, communicate effectively with the business owner or manager. This way of thinking is something we think would be refreshing as a society to implement as we continue to navigate post-pandemic times! Only The Good Reviews was inspired and is spearheaded by Managing Director Jason Goldberg!

Tampa, Florida


Boca Raton, Florida