Our Mission

Atlas Hartmann is a sales consulting firm with a passion for helping organizations grow.


Atlas Hartmann

Welcome to Atlas Hartmann, a leading sales consulting firm based in Tampa, FL. Our company represents a wide range of clients in industries, ranging from manufacturing to tech. Like every business, no matter its model needs customers to ensure its performance and profitability. What makes our services highly sought after is the personalized approach we implement.

Like the ancient mythological story of Atlas, we hold the promise of businesses on our shoulders. We believe that no matter the product or current sales strategies, every business can operate with greater efficiency and produce stronger results. Like the German origin of Hartmann, our results are hard to come by but impressively strong. Through perseverance, we always hit our and our clients’ goals.

At Atlas Hartmann, we believe every company has a starting point, but no ending point. They want to grow locally; we help them acquire new customers. They want to expand nationally; we help them put the right people in the right positions. We’re consultants who share your vision.

Atlas strong

With hundreds of sales consulting firms to choose from, what makes us different is our people. We don't just work with great clients; we work with remarkable people. Our dynamic team of consultants, whether supporting you in-person or remotely, work with a sense of purpose that only comes from doing work they find meaningful. We hire individuals with strong backgrounds in sales, negotiations, and business development to guide your business to its next level and beyond.