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Atlas Hartmann provides sales solutions for growing or expanding organization. Whether your firm works B2C or B2B, we partner to fill sales gaps and accelerate growth.


Quality without

We understand how challenging it is to not just run a successful organization, but to scale one. Furthermore, we know how hard it is to find your ideal customer demographic and properly target them. Businesses need to be more than just good in today's age; they need to be great. We help businesses be great and get great results through improved sales operations.

Analyze current sales campaigns

Assess customer behavior

Develop structural changes

Oversee implementation

Atlas Hartmann works with your existing team (integration) to understand your current campaigns and how your organization goes about attracting new customers. From branding to advertisements, we’re inspecting each piece of your message.

Once we have an understanding of how you do business, we work to expand on and add (implementation) new strategies to help you reach and attract more prospective customers. Whether it’s improving your online messaging or tightening up sales training internally, we’re ready to roll our sleeves up.

As we survey and track your company’s ROI, we’ll continue to help you reimagine and discover more options to grow your consumer base (innovation). There isn’t one right-sized solution for everyone, so we’ll try & track different solutions until the results are as strong as expected.


The proof is in the pudding.

Read what they say about partnering with us!
The team at Atlas Hartmann is outstanding. Their dedication is amazing, and they always over-deliver. The level of talent and commitment that the team holds is truly admirable, and I look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come!
Chris Gretak
I highly recommend partnering with Atlas Hartmann for their sales management services. Their consultants are professional, courteous, and forward-thinking. Atlas Hartmann never fails to follow-through and deliver excellent results.
Cathryn Jacobs
The consultants at Atlas Hartmann are as engaging as they come. It is clear that the team who works there genuinely loves what they do and believes in the company’s mission. It’s been a pleasure having Atlas Hartmann consult our firm on our upcoming growth plans.
Jamie Oliver

Our Values

It probably goes without saying, but in order to help our clients push themselves beyond their standard results, we have to work with highly ambitious people.
The elite clients we represent require a certain standard of excellence, and with aggressive growth projections, we’re always focusing on improvement!
We strive to be an asset not just to our clients and their customers, but our community. Whether benefitting the local Tampa area or mankind, we're focused on giving back.
Integrity is critical to our company's success because we are only as good as our client's success. By instilling integrity in all we do, we promote our clients doing the right thing even after our consulting is complete.
We believe that it’s truly possible to love what you do and who you do it with. We promote teamwork internally, and believe our client results are a reflection of who we choose to work with!
We compete with our clients to improve quarter after quarter. To us, competition promotes evolution and evolution is what helps companies bypass the normal pitfalls of business.